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SMART System

Kara Clary developed the SMART Letter Recognition System while helping her own children with beginning reading skills. She discovered some learning gaps in the traditional method of early letter recognition. As Kara said, “Just seeing it on a flash card or a worksheet isn’t always enough. For many children, the lessons need additional enforcement.”


In her current approach to reading readiness, Kara says, “It’s more than seeing the letter. The sound of the letter often supersedes visual importance in the pre-reading stage of development.”


Preschool lessons are broken down into themes that emphasize one alphabet letter each week. That letter is reinforced throughout the day, during all learning segments and activities, not just the “academic” segment.

Sight recognition of letters and beginning writing
Musical recognition of letters with sound, songs and movement
Artistic recognition of letters using mediums of color and texture
Reading incorporating the letter and sound
Touch sensory recognition of letters