Welcome, we the teachers and administration at ABC Academy Preschool cherish children. We wish to impart to each of them a love of learning. We look forward to watching and helping your child grow into a unique little learner who is ready for the demands of primary school. Our goal is that every child have the foundation needed to be successful students and future adults.

RIKD LLC specializes in academics and socialization for the early learner. Your child will learn through exploring, discovering and socializing. Along with traditional learning concepts, we utilize the SMART Early Development System created by Mrs. Drehle. Themed-based lesson plans provide a balanced, prepared and flexible classroom. Our classroom provides an environment that encourages children to make choices, create and explore their world. We will document and observe their development to be able to better support them, and you, on their journey. Several times a year we offer parent teacher conferences and strongly believe in open communication. We will always strive to provide an emotionally/physically safe, nurturing, organized and clean environment, for we feel this is the best way to get every child into a “learning brain”.

To learn how we determine your child’s learning style and how to support your learner please click the document link below. This information will also aid you in filling out the Social Resume located in the Enrollment Packet.

SMART Learning Style Assessment Process

What is the SMART Early Development System? 

S- Sensory

Teaching through all the senses.

M- Memory

Helping the brain transfer data from short term memory/working memory to long term memory, for later recall. This also helps to expand attention span (which is controlled in the same region of the brain as short-term memory/working memory). 

A- Assessment

Determining each child’s learning style (Auditory, Kinetic, Visual and Logical) and making a “map” of their developmental path so we can know where they are strong and where to support them more. 

R- Respect/Ratio

Respect for each child’s individual learning path and helping them to respect and understand that they each develop and learn at their own pace. Providing each child with a safe, loving, respectful low ratio environment, as I feel this is essential to development. 

T- Tools   

Providing each child with a “tool bag” of skills that will help them identify and manage their feelings and have appropriate social interaction and reaction.  The “tools” needed to be kind respectful learners.

I created the SMART Early Development System to fill the gaps I feel is present within the current preschool curriculum’s/systems. SMART is born from several different existing curriculum’s, it is a melding of all the parts from each (plus some of my own ideas) that I felt was needed for the vision I have of providing each child with the needed base skills to be successful students and future adults without losing their uniqueness.

The SMART system is in line with WA State and local school districts developmental/educational guidelines and is designed with the idea of smooth transitioning into the big world of primary school.

SMART is a thematic cumulative system designed to foster each child’s individuality and personality, while still readying them for the traditional main stream educational environment. It is designed to help create outside the box thinkers that can work inside the box. To give them the base skills needed so they can thrive in a less supported environment.

Development is gradual and reflects cumulative influences over time. Each child’s learning journey is unique and they each develop at an individual pace. While teaching preschool I found that because of this, assessing where each child is on their path of development, so we can know where to support them, can be difficult with the existing curriculum and assessment styles.

I feel in order to prepare each child for primary school we need to know whether they have the needed base skills to support further development and growth in a less supported environment. To have a “map” of their development so we know in which areas each child needs more support and where they are strong. Not only do we need to have a “map” but we need to know how does each child best absorb and process information to be able to develop. This is the base of the SMART system and I strongly feel that only through teaching through all the senses are we able to insure each child has the skills or “benchmarks” needed to succeed. Hand in hand with this goes the ability to pin point exactly how each child is absorbing and developing, to know their “learning style”. We need to be able to know how to reach each child in the manner that their brain prefers to assimilate data.

If we are building a “house of learning” with the SMART Early Development System then:

  • Understanding each child learning style and assessing their development is the foundation.
  • Providing activities to acquire benchmarks through all the senses in a fun, loving, supportive, respectful, low ratio environment is the frame.
  • And then finally your child’s personality and uniqueness are the finishing touches on their “house of learning”.

I started RIKD LLC and created SMART because I feel that our children are evolving, and the early education system needs to evolve with them in order to provide them with the foundation needed to be successful in the existing mainstream primary system.

I truly envision “building the foundation of the future” because they are our future.

I thank you for the opportunity to help them (and you) on this journey and feel immeasurably grateful to be blessed with the privilege.

Founder Kym Drehle