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Parent Information

Greetings, The teachers and staff at ABC Academy Preschool and Learning Center cherish children. Our goal is to impart to your children a love for learning. We expect your child to grow into a unique little learner who is ready for the demands of kindergarten.



ABC Academy specializing in academics for the preschooler and prekindergarten. Your child will learn through exploring, discovering and socializing. Along with traditional learning concepts, we utilize the SMART Letter Recognition System developed by Kara Clary. Themed-based lesson plans provide a balanced, prepared and flexible classroom. Our classroom will provide an environment that encourages children to make choices, create and explore their world.   Classroom Management:  At ABC Academy the goal of our classroom is to create a consistent, calm learning environment. This goal is achieved by classroom expectations to be followed by all children. Children will test these expectations daily and we will provide a consistent set of responses to these problems. They may include redirecting to another activity, listening to the problem, ignoring the behavior, reasonably discussing the problem, or quiet time away from the other children. Our responses will be immediate, consistent and of short duration without embarrassment or humiliation. These measures will fix most behavior issues. If we have a consistent behavior issue with a child, we will discuss the problem with the parents, and come up with a plan that works for parents and the teaching staff. It is important that parents and teachers work together and share common goals and expectations for classroom behavior. Our classroom expectations will be given to parents at the beginning of the school year. It is important that parents go over these expectations at home and also on the way to school. By consistent reminders of expected behavior most children function well in the classroom.   Registration Fee and



ABC Academy has a non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 per child that is due at the time of enrollment. This fee is paid annually. All registration forms must be updated annually.   Enrollment Procedures:  In order to secure enrollment space at ABC Academy parents will need to provide a completed registration form and include the registration fee. This is also the procedure for securing a space on a waiting list.   Prior to the first day of school, parents and children will be invited to an open house. The purpose of the open house is to familiarize parents and children with the school and to meet other families of ABC Academy preschoolers. We ask that you bring your completed registration packet to the open house.   Re-Enrollment for the following year will start on March 1st for parents currently enrolled at ABC Academy. We will open registration to the public on March 20th to coincide with the Yelm Community School kindergarten registration.   ABC Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, political beliefs, national origin, socioeconomic status, differing physical or mental abilities (if facility is able to accommodate special needs), or communication and learning styles.


Tuition Policy:

Like every business ABC Academy operates on a budget. The tuition policies are in place to ensure payments are made on time and operation of the business runs smoothly and meets your expectations of a top-quality preschool education.   Tuition is paid by automatic withdraw on the 5th of each month.  You will be provided with a copy of your monthly statement for your records. Tuition fees will start on September 5th and will be reoccurring until June 5th.  June’s Tuition will be debited on June 5th at one-half the price of regular monthly tuition.    Parents are required to give a minimum of one month advance notice of withdraw from ABC Academy. If notice is not give, parents are obligated for payment of one month regardless of the child’s attendance. This notice allows us time to stop your automatic bank withdraw in a timely manner and to fill the vacant space in our classroom.    Absences / Schedule: If your child is absent from school or there is an unplanned school closure due to weather, power outage or other natural disaster full tuition will still be debited from your account. ABC Academy will not credit tuition for sick days, vacations or other planned absences.   School Closures: ABC Academy will enclose a list of all planned school closures with your registration packet. ABC Academy follows the Yelm Community Schools District calendar. In the event of inclement weather, we follow Yelm Community Schools. If YCS is closed, ABC Academy will be closed for the day. If YCS is 2 hours late, morning classes will be cancelled and afternoon classes will run as scheduled. If the weather becomes severe ABC Academy will communicate with you personally, to let you know the plan of action.  ABC Academy will not follow Yelm Community Schools for late start Wednesdays or half- day early release.


Illness Policy:

Each child will be observed daily for signs of illness. Children who are contagious must stay home. All parents, as well as the Health Department, will be notified of any communicable diseases. If a child should become ill during the day, you will be notified immediately and will be expected to pick up the child up as soon as possible. In such an event, your child will be isolated from the other children and supervised until you arrive. Please call ABC Academy if your child will be absent from class.    ABC Academy does not administer medication to children, unless it is   medical emergency. If you child has a life-threatening allergy or condition, medication/treatment must be provided to the school and left onsite for the duration of the school year. The medication must be labeled and in its original packaging, along with a consent/ instruction form from your physician.    Emergency Medical Treatment:  Each child is required to have an Emergency Consent for Care Form   (included in registration packet) on file. In the event of an emergency, ABC Academy will administer the necessary First Aid and or CPR.  Emergency 911 will be called and your child will be transported to the nearest hospital. You will be notified immediately. If possible, one of  our staff will accompany your child. The parent or guardian of the injured child is responsible for all costs involved in the emergency medical treatment, including emergency transportation, if required.    ABC Academy, including the teachers and their households, will not be liable for any sickness/injury of either parent/guardian or child  while on the premises.  Disaster Plan:

In the event of a major disaster such as but not limited to a fire, earthquake, major windstorm, flood, or building evacuation. ABC Academy will evacuate the building to Dairy Queen on Yelm Ave as a holding area. We will take all emergency contact information with us and contact you to pick up your child immediately.   ABC Academy will conduct fire and earthquake drills 3 times per year.  ABC Academy staff will not leave the building until all children have been safely returned to care givers.  If Dairy Queen is not available due to the disaster, information will be given to you as to where to pick up your child.  Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures:  ABC Academy will allow children be dropped off for class 5 minutes prior to our start time. Please take your child to the bathroom, hang up their belongings and walk them to their individual spot in the circle area. Please remember to make goodbyes loving but brief.  Separating from parents can be scary. Show your child this is a safe and secure place and they will transition well into the classroom schedule. Special arrangements can be made if separation is a big problem.    Please be prompt to pick up your child at the end of class. You will find your child sitting at their individual spot in the circle area with their belongings. Children are not allowed to get out of their spot until you come in the door. Please collect your child’s papers from the teacher and exit the building. Drop off and pick up times will be busy and congested.   Please use manners and realize that parents are on all different kinds of schedules. If you are in a hurry, please don’t rush others. If you choose to talk with other parents, please be aware of those in a hurry.


Parking at ABC Academy:

Our parking lot is shared by many businesses. If you can’t find a spot in front of the school there are many parking places available at both ends of the lot. The covered sidewalk is an aid in inclement weather.  Please hold your child’s hand while in the parking lot. Some drivers may not be paying attention. Please use our classroom quiet rule in the parking lot so other businesses are not disrupted.    Snacks:  A snack sign-up sheet will be provided at the beginning of each month. If you want to bring a snack, please sign up for the day you prefer and remember to write it down so you don’t forget. If snack is not covered for the day or if parents forget, ABC Academy will provide a snack. Water is served with all snacks. Juice is saved for special occasions.    Field Trips: ABC Academy will take field trips throughout the school year. Parents or guardians are required to attend the field trip with their child. Our insurance does not allow us to transport children.   Birthdays: At ABC Academy we will celebrate your child’s birthday on the day or close to the day with a special song and crown. If you would like to bring in a special snack for the day please inform your child’s teacher.    Participating in the growth and development of your child will be an exciting experience. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.  Kara Clary and staff,  ABC Academy