Hi, I am Kym Drehle (Ms Kym) the Owner of RIKD LLC and the Director of both the Yelm and Rainier locations. I will be splitting my time evenly between the two facilities. This would not be possible with out the aid of amazing women that you will get to meet below. I can not tell you how lucky I feel to have such caring and genuine people on my team.

My first job working was at the age of 12 babysitting. I at the age of 17 started working for a large corporate child care facility that offered a preschool curriculum. I fell in love! I have done many other things including going to college and being a stay at home mom since then, but always came back to my love of helping young children learn and grow.

I have 2 children of my own. A son Rian Nathaniel, age 17. His interests vary from football/track/basketball, video games, hanging out with his friends to designing clothing for his own clothing line Front and Center. He currently is making my stress levels increase with driving and riding with friends. My daughter Katlyn Danger, age 13 is a large reason why the SMART system was born. The transition into Kindergarten was a very painful one for her (and me) even with a preschool teacher for a mom and 3 years of preschool under her belt. I realized the need for preschool standards to be different then what it traditonally has been.

In my spare time I have a Cottage Kitchen and make custom French Macarons that I call Kymarons. You can check out my silly little delights at www.facebook.com/kymaron sadly Kymaron madness is on hold as I have found I currently have very little free time!

I feel so much gratitude to be able to do the things that give me joy (thank you Marie Kondo) and be given the opportunity to help children and their families have a smoother transition into the big world of Primary school. If my experiences can help just one then my goal has been met. I of course hope to help many more than that!!!

I am pleased to introduce my staff of carefully selected individuals below.

We will be adding our staff soon. Stay tuned!