doing business as (dba)

ABC Academy Preschool

with 2 locations to “Build the Foundation of the Future”

Yelm and Rainier


I believe children’s brains are designed to absorb the academics in whatever sensory input they learn in, but that identifying/management of emotions and acceptable social interaction are learned behaviors. Each child is an individual who learns at his/her own pace, and he/she has something important to contribute. It is our job to help them realize that and to have the tools needed to develop the emotional control, social skills, fine/gross motor skills and academic base needed to become successful students and kind/productive adults.

Our Enviornment

RIKD LLC offers a quality Early Childhood Education Program staffed with carefully chosen teachers that are filled with love and compassion for children. I believe that children are our most important resource and that their early childhood experiences are crucial in the development of their future. RIKD LLC strives to offer an environment that is clean, safe, organized, structured, teaches through all the senses, with low student to teacher ratio, and where warmth and kindness are abundant to meet the needs and development of each child.

Mission Statement

The mission of RIKD LLC is to cultivate a community of families and teachers working together to provide a high quality, safe, stimulating and positive environment that enhances and fosters the physical, emotional/social, cognitive, and creative development of individual children, and provides the needed benchmarks, through play-based structured learning and discovery. To provide low student to teacher ratios and give each child the tools needed to develop the emotional/social awareness and control needed to be successful students and adults.

Vision Statement

My vision is that our children become future leaders, active participants, and shapers of their world; to grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, and globally though child-based and teacher facilitated learning. To use their natural abilities and thought processes to become outside “the box” thinkers that can work and think inside “the box.” To build the foundation of the future by ensuring that every child has the benchmarks need to be a successful learner in a less supported environment.

Our Curriculum

The program RIKD LLC offers is thematic and geared toward helping children develop habits of observation, questioning, and listening while building positive self-esteem. RIKD LLC provides all teachers with the instructional guidelines necessary for developing age appropriate learning activities, along with training to effectively implement the program in their classroom. We provide a low student to teacher ratio to enable the teacher to teach the whole child effectively.

I believe that children learn through all their senses and the curriculum presents the academics in that way, repetitively. Understanding and knowing how each child learns/retains information and tracking their progress is the base of the program.

We partner with our parents and feel that working together is the only way to help each child attain all the benchmarks need. American Sign Language (ASL), Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (S.T.E.M.), and Yoga are important components of the curriculum. Positive social/emotional development along with fine/gross motor and cognitive skills are developed in an age appropriate, low ratio, and structured play-based learning environment.

Our Staff

I believe that a program is only as good as the staff hired to teach it. To offer you a high quality preschool program our teachers are very carefully chosen for their innate abilities, patience and philosophy. All our teachers are FBI finger printed and background checked. Their background check is kept in their employee file and is available on demand. They are all certified and trained to teach the SMART way and attend ongoing training. All our teachers are first aid, CPR and blood born pathogens certified and have been trained in the use of an Epi pen and AED. RIKD LLC strives to provide loving, caring and knowledgeable teachers to impact our communities.

RIKD is the combination of both my children’s names, Rian Nathaniel and Katlyn Danger. RIKD is the limited liability corporation that ABC Academy Preschool does business under.